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Why Is Double Protein Written Into The National Nutrition Program?
May 02, 2018

What is the "double protein project with Chinese characteristics" in the National Nutrition Program (2017 1 2030)? What is the "dual protein project with Chinese characteristics"? Recently, the Institute of food and nutrition development of the Ministry of agriculture and the main members of the group shared the stage results of the clinical nutrition intervention of double protein food.

Double protein foods provide a new way of rehabilitation for critically ill patients.

Why do patients with hematological diseases need double protein support? Dr. Zhang Jianping, director of the transplant department, said the nutritional problems faced by patients with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation are very serious. Chemoradiotherapy and drugs (side effects) make them less nutritious.

Cause the disease state (intestinal GVHD, gastrointestinal bleeding, etc.); radiotherapy and chemotherapy, infection, GVHD, drugs, diarrhea and other complications, resulting in body consumption or loss of nutrients to increase weight loss, protein loss, the basic state of deterioration. As a result, infection, GVHD and other complications increase, seriously affecting the quality of life and survival rate.

The member of the project group and director Li Minghua of the hospital nutrition department added that the good nutritional status of the patients after transplantation has an important role in reducing the occurrence of complications, promoting the recovery of various functions as soon as possible, and ensuring good quality of life. Director Li Minghua pointed out that double protein foods provide a new rehabilitation method for critically ill patients, which is of great significance for clinical nutritional support. It is proved by clinical practice that it can effectively improve biochemical indicators and quality of life, and even promote the implantation of hematopoietic stem cells.

The nutritional intervention of transplant patients has been confirmed.

"New nutritious and healthy foods represented by double protein foods will play an important role in achieving the national health of a well-off society in China." Wang Jing researcher said that the government of our country attaches great importance to this field. The National Nutrition Program (2017 2030) issued by the State Council clearly points out that we should strengthen the innovation of basic research and processing technology, and carry out the transformation and promotion of key products of double protein engineering.

It is reported that the "double protein engineering" clinical nutrition intervention project of blood diseases has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. At present, the project's phased achievements have already published two articles internationally. One of them provides sufficient preliminary data support and theoretical basis for the clinical nutrition intervention of "double protein engineering", and the other is a clinical demonstration of the nutritional intervention of the double protein food on the transplant patients.

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