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The essential carotene of the human body
May 04, 2018

The essential carotene of the human body

People often say, "eat more carrots to supplement carotene." Although the term "carotene" is known, many people do not understand it. What is carotene? What are the functions and effects of carotene? Today we will answer these questions for you.

Carrot contains a large number of beta carotene, the intake of human digestive organs, can be converted to vitamin A, is the most safe supplement of vitamin A products (only vitamin A, excessive will be poisoned).


The role of carotene

1. Protect your eyes: rod cells on the retina contain rhodopsin and dark vision function. The right amount of beta carrots can promote the normal content of the rhodopsin, thus avoiding the dull visual adaptation to the lack of vitamin A and the damage to the eye after the dark field of vision.

2, antioxidant: antioxidant is against the free radicals on the body's protein, lipid and nucleic acids and other violations. Carotene has a significant antioxidant function, and its molecular deconstruction contains multiple conjugated double bonds, which can effectively inhibit the activity of free radicals, thus reducing the damage to the cell genetic material and cell membrane.

3, postponing aging: the process of human aging is closely related to the immune regulation ability of antioxidative combination. Carotene also has the effect of antioxidation and immune regulation, which has a good effect on delaying senility. In antioxidation, carotene can not only scavenge free radicals directly as antioxidants, but also increase the content of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase in the body, and then strengthen the body's own antioxidant capacity and delay the aging of cells and organisms.

Carotene - rich food

Many people mistakenly believe that only carrots are rich in carrots, but in addition to carrots, other radish varieties are also rich in carotene, such as white radish. It is called the winter eating radish ginseng, so we can see that eating radishes in winter is of great benefit to the human body. Researchers point out that white radish contains protein, fat and rich calcium. Besides, the content of vitamins and minerals is also very rich. The spicy ingredients can promote the secretion of gastric juice when eating, which can effectively adjust the function of the stomach and intestines.

Carrots in radish are not as high as carrots and white radishes, but the amylase, protein, potassium and other minerals can not be compared to other radish varieties.  Chinese medicine pointed out that eating green turnip often has the effect of invigorating spleen, reducing phlegm, diuresis, eliminating food, dry mouth and thirst.

Besides these carrots are rich in carotene, there are some dark green or red yellow vegetables and fruits, such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage, sweet potato, mango, Hami melon, apricot and melon, and in general, the more color strong fruit or vegetables, the more rich in beta carotene.

The top ten carotenoid ingredients (100 grams per gram) were Spirulina dried (38810 micrograms); chili powder (18740 micrograms); chillen (12600 micrograms); Lycium barbarum (9750 micrograms); citrus (9750 micrograms); watercress (9550 micrograms); wild amaranth (7510 micrograms); dandelion (7350 micrograms). Broccoli (7210 micrograms); winter cold dish (6950 micrograms).

What does the human body lack of carotene

Carotene is indispensable in daily diet. Research shows that carotene can be decomposed into vitamin A in human body, which is a necessary nutrient for human body.

If the human body lacks vitamin A, it will lead to rough skin, dull hair and poor visibility of the eyes (serious night blindness). In fact, this is only a small part of the effect of vitamin A growth and development, including the growth of bone and teeth, the integrity of all skin, and the body's ability to resist disease, etc. can not be separated from vitamin A. Because vitamin A is not synthesized in human body, it must be supplemented by animal food. Therefore, people who are mainly plant foods are often more difficult to get enough vitamin A, and it is an ideal choice to supplement the effective source of carotene - vitamin A. The common symptoms of carotene deficiency are the following:

1. the growth and development are hindered;

2. the taste, the smell is weakened, and the appetite falls.

3. dark adaptation ability decreased, night blindness and dry eye disease;

4. dry hair, rough skin, memory loss, mood irritability and insomnia.

5. the changes of mucous membrane and epithelium;

People who need to supplement carotene:

1., for a long time, poor absorption of fat, such as digestive system diseases and partial gastrointestinal resection, often leads to a lack of vitamin A. This often occurs in children under 5 years of age, mainly due to inadequate intake of vitamin A.

2. vitamin A is also an important nutrient for people who wear contact lenses for a long time or annotate computer screens for a long time.

3. pregnant women and breast-feeding women also need vitamin A.

The source of the article: mother web Encyclopedia

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