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Emulsified Omega-3 has such a great advantage?
Aug 30, 2018


A recent study by British researchers has concluded that emulsified cod liver oil promotes EPA and DHA uptake. Experts are divided about how the results will affect the market.

In a study funded by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health, 47 healthy adults took emulsified cod liver oil and COD oil products. Measurements showed elevated plasma omega-3 levels. After the same controlled dinner and 10-hour quick routine, the tests were repeated with non-emulsified cod liver oil and COD oil supplements.

The formula of the two supplements is almost the same in the content of EPA and DHA. Each contains about 550mg of DHA and about 400mg of EPA. The two formulations contain a large amount of vitamin A and D, of which emulsification is slightly more numerous.

In a paper published in the Journal Current Medical Research and Opinion, the authors found that emulsified products performed better. "The results of this study showed that the emulsified cod liver oil formulation in the study showed significantly higher plasma concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) within 10 and 24 hours, and produced higher peak DHA + EPA concentrations than the non-emulsified cod liver oil formulation using DHA and EPA alone," the authors concluded.

Confirm early research

None of this is surprising. Dr. Philip C. Calder, a professor of nutritional immunology at the University of Southampton, UK, said the results confirmed the results of many other studies. But he said that the design of this study may help increase the emulsion formulation. These findings are consistent with the results of in situ emulsification and other studies using omega-3 oil.

Dr. Clemensvon Schacky, a professor of medicine at the University of Munich and head of the testing company Omega Metrix, said emulsification could be a future strategy for treating Limited supplies of omega-3 fatty acids from marine sources. "Emulsified omega-3 fatty acids have better bioavailability than non emulsified omega-3 fatty acids. "Emulsification is therefore a wise way to make more efficient use of the limited amount of omega-3 fatty acids available on the planet each year," Von Schacky said.

Fair competition?

But Von Schacky and William S. Harris of Sandford Medical School in South Dakota, who co-sponsored the Omega 3 index, said that some of the benefits of emulsification have now become so mature that it may be time to take this into account when designing test materials and making research designs. "Of course, more effective products also mean that products can no longer be compared by comparing doses, but must be compared by comparing the effects on endogenous levels." "Personally, this makes it necessary to measure levels in a standardized way, as Professor Harris and myself put forward the HS-Omega-3 index, which is Standardized analytical methods that have been well documented and validated. "

Source of article: American and Chinese Health Products Association

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